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Suicide lyrics


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        1 - I say the easiest thing in the world
    Is to love you
    And the hardest thing in the world
    Is to lose you

    Said I tried and tried again to keep you
    But it just ain't no use
    I'm baffled cuz of what went down
    See I got your letter so you're leaving town
    Just take one minute to think about
    Baby, lets back track on what happened in this house
    Now I remember clearly it was a Saturday
    I came walkin' in four o'clock in the morning
    And I thought you were sleepin' one eye opened
    You turned and said to me where the hell you been
    Then I turned it around and hollared with some friends drinking
    And now I'm sitting here all alone
    Wishing you were here to house this home, oh

    Say the easiest thing in the world is to love you
    I love you baby
    And the hardest thing in the world (So hard)
    Is to lose you (Is to lose you baby)

    2 - Now I'm sitting here sippin' on things
    I'm not suppose to (Sittin right here)
    And that ain't cool (You know that ain't cool)
    I've got to get over losing you

    Shattered I can't believe you're gone
    I'm left in the middle of these four walls
    Lying helpless 'bout to lose my mind baby
    I can't fathom life without you by my side
    Now every night before I go to sleep
    I pray to heaven for a better me
    Nights I'm up thinkin' and days I'm up dreamin'
    You were at work I was at play
    A nigga wanted you and plus his cake
    I know I ain't got no right to say
    But I need you to head on back this way
    Because I'm sitting here all alone
    Wishing you were here to house this home

    Repeat 1
    Repeat 2

    Baby can't we just moan for love like we used to

    Repeat 1
    Repeat 2

    See, sometimes we men, we can dish it out
    But sometimes we men, we can't take it, hey
    So I'm gonna get up out this chair
    And catch me a train, and get where you are, hey
    Because I love you babe
    And i need you
    Right here by my side
    Ghetto woman come on home to me
    I'm dying sorry and I can't seem to break free
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